Terms and Conditions

In the terms and conditions the word ‘items’ represents any goods that are intended or included in an Auction Fairies ebay transaction.

On this website “Us, we,our and Auction Fairies” refers to Auction Fairies.

By agreeing to Auction Fairies selling your items verbally or in writing, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms & Conditions. Please read them carefully.

  1. All items are accepted subject to Auction Fairies terms and conditions.
  2. Auction Fairies shall be under no liability for loss/damage to items however caused, either to property or persons in removal of items being auctioned or removed whether caused incurred before, after or during the auction.
  3. Auction Fairies act solely as an agent between the client and the purchaser and in the event of any dispute or refusal to pay or non-payment on the part of the purchaser, they may at their discretion annul and cancel the sale of such items. These items may be relisted on eBay at the discretion of Auction Fairies
  4. If a seller wishes to cancel a sale, Auction Fairies will charge £20 per item as a contribution towards handling fees plus the cost of listing the item. If the item is already on eBay, and has already received a bid we are obligated to sell this item to the buyer.
  5. All items given to Auction Fairies for sale must proceed through the ebay auction and not be sold privately beforehand.
  6. Photographic images are owned by Auctionfairiesuk and should not be duplicated for use on Ebay, other selling platforms or social media as this is in breach of copyright .
  7. Items that are sold are subject to a 14 day return period. Any returns must be at the buyers expense this includes collection only items.
  8. All items must be genuine , no fakes or replicas.
  9. All clothes must be cleaned, ironed and ready to wear and in either new or immaculate condtion
  10. If you item fails to sell we can re-list , the seller can agree to change the starting price or have the goods collected. Once notififed of the unsold items any items not collected within 2 weeks will be donated to charity.  
  11. Auction Fairies reserves the right to change any part of this agreement. We advise users to regulary check this agreement. We have the discrection to amend without any prior notificationor remove any parts without warning or liability arising from such action.
  12. By agreeing to let Auction Fairies sell your item/s on your behalf you are legally bound by these terms & conditions.